DAWIE BOTHA


Mardus Jooste, disgraced CEO of Steinhoff robbed  persioners and investesters with billions. Dawie Botha, former Executive Director of the collapsed  Saambou Bank and Director of Bondpro Finance  on the other hand illegally recovered millions of rands from poor people and then proceed to sell their  homes in sale in execution for money they did not owe him .


He is presently been charged for alleged  perjury at the South African Police Services (Case REF:  CASE243/12/2017). The South African Criminal Law system makes perjury a crime, the basic definition of which is the same, though penalties may vary. An individual who lies under oath in a court, or who lies to a person acting on behalf of the law, has committed a crime and faces prison time, a fine or both.


Furthermore he coulld be arrested soon by the Natioanal Credit Regulator. The Tribunal obtained judgement against him (CaseNCT78958/2017/55(1) on 31 August 2017 for contravening  the Natiomal Credit Act by charging clients an Debt Admin Fee on their mortgage loans.  In some cases these charges exceeded  the amount of R 160 000.



We all know that once a thief always a thief. The question that needs to be answered  is  : Who is next victim of this "con artist"?



He recently joint the Ascent Strategy (Pty) Ltd group as a Director The other Directors are  I.J. van der Merwe, D. Steenkamp and D. Diedericks.


This is how he introduced himself on social media(Sic):-



I thrive on challenges and have a passion to leading skilful teams towards understanding the bigger picture and achieving the ultimate goals.
I am a disciplined planner and an enthusiastic practitioner to making plans work.

I served as an executive director on the boards of both Saambou Holdings Ltd and Saambou Bank Ltd from 1991 until 2002

Along with Gensec Bank, I was one of the founding members of the Bondpro in 2003.


I like to travel the world and broadening my vision(s) of what is possible in developing business, people and ideas.

Growing up on a farm I have a particular soft spot for the preservation and protection of the environment, fauna and flora.

Blessed with exceptional health, I desire to share and apply the experiences that I accumulated and acquired through my career, in challenging projects and business environments.

I have a specific interest to study the management styles and principles applied by the Roman emperors between Nero and the end of the first century.