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steve, steve where is  STEVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!





I was watching Carte Blanche last Sunday evening, the 12th of May 2013, and again observed the amazing work that Mr. Emerald van Zyl has been doing for the past eight or nine years in respect of assisting poor people who have been, and are still being taken advantage of by large financial institutions. Although I do not know him personally, our paths cross very frequently and I can only admire the energy and dedication which he displays in his superb endeavours towards easing the plight of these poor human beings, who are threatened continuously with having their properties sold in execution and who have suffered the badgering and threats of financial giants, who in turn continue to show huge profits at their expense. Not only does he display an absolute belief in his efforts towards correcting these wrongs, he is prepared to take the lion on in it's den, whilst maintaining his excellent sense of humour throughout the tough times. This man should be applauded on every front and it is admirable that your program, which stands for justice and fairplay, has done just that. Well done, Carte Blanche.



I am a British citizen from London.The information on is shocking and a disgrace to South Africa. It is a shame that poor people who are still financially recovering from the days of Apartheid are discriminated against with interest rate etc. by banks, whilst not allow to do so.

The South African Government must act in the same manner as the American Government did 2 years ago by fining the Bank of America with $335m for discrimination against approximately 200 000 African-American and Hispanic homeowners by charging them a  higher interest rates “solely because of their race and national origin”.

 I would urge all Christians in South Africa to close their accounts with First National Bank.





My bank takes MY money. My bank charges me for taking MY money.

My bank uses MY money to make money for itself, not for me.

My bank charges me for taking MY money back. My bank 
charges me for giving MY money to someone else. 

MY bank charges me if I want to know where MY money is. My bank 
charges me when I want to know how much of MY money my bank holds. 
My bank charges me for every one of MY accounts each month, even 
though my bank does hardly any work on those accounts. My bank charges 
me for using MY accounts via the Internet - then still charges 
me for using MY money in each account. 

My bank is one of the richest companies in SA because of MY money. MY 
money doesn't make me rich; MY money makes my bank rich. My bank 

is not my friend. I can choose my friends. My friends don't rob me .

My friends don't charge me for services they don't perform.

My friends are people I want to see every day. My bank is not my friend. 







Dear Emerald,


Having read through your ‘headings’ this is what I want to ‘post’ :




What you have revealed to the General Public and to the Authorities at is nothing short of a National Disgusting Shameful Disgrace. It is Fraud being perpetrated by R billionaires against bank Clients who are being discriminated against. Say what you like.




I remember - the Chairman of FRL “LL” Dippenaar was (still is ?) part of Business Against Crime. He was (still is ?) also involved in a ‘cluster’ dealing with Prisons, Courts, Police – to better their functionality. Can you believe it Emerald. I suppose “It takes a THIEF To catch a thief” is the thinking here.  




Your reference to the Ten Commandments, followed by the Ten Biggest LIES was surely not co-incidental. You make the point that to STEAL and to tell LIES (give false testimony) are fundamental things not to do, in terms of the Law of the Old Testament. You also noted that these people i. e. Rupert and family, Dippenaar, Ferreira, Harris, Goss and others, are happy to be called Christians. After all, we are a Christian Nation – 80%. What then of the CEO of FirstRand Limited Mr. Sizwe Nxasana. I too watched the TV programme and saw and heard Mr. Nxasana being interviewed. He, his wife, his children are all devout Christians, he told the interviewer and the watching Public/audience.




Notwithstanding the Law and the 10 Commandments, JESUS said that we must love our neighbours as we love ourselves and that we must love our enemies. I have watched as the Afrikaner Nationalists, though they profess themselves to be  Christians, put their love for money and their love for power above and ahead of the Word; but in the case of the CEO of this Public Company, a devout Christian, and himself a so-called ‘black’ man - is the money and the power so blinding him to the discrimination by ‘his’ bank against his very own People, his very own so-called ‘poor’ so-called ‘black’ ‘coloured’ and Indian bank Clients ? It is so sad. It is so wrong of Mr. Nxasana to do this, against he Word.  




Fraudis Fraud. And, let’s face it South Africa - this is BIG BIG nasty Fraud. These Directors and their agents, including their Auditors, their lawyers, their estate agents, as well as their Managers, must be Prosecuted and put in Jail.


I personally promote an anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign, aMazlen initiative. Ref. is at


Why on Earth would these Directors and their agents and these Shareholders not ‘qualify’ for Prison and thereafter be helped through the Rehabilitation that I am involved in in the Prison Ministry ? That is my question Emerald.  




The Directors of this Public Company FirstRand Limited and this Public bank FirstRand bank Limited/FNB are totally, thoroughly, dishonest. They tell blatant LIES. They commit Fraud regularly andfreely. They use agents like their well-paid ‘clever’ lawyers and their well-paid ‘clever’ Auditors; and estate agents; and they use their Managers; to ‘do the dirty work’ of Fraud for them. Then they use these same agents - lawyers and Auditors and estate agents; and they use their Managers - to help them to get away with the Fraud. They do not keep their word. They do not honour hand-shakes. They do not honour contracts. They are so greedy and ‘hell-bent’ on being ‘successful’ and becoming ‘the biggest bank in South Africa’ that they will stoop so low as to even CROOK and STEAL from and CHEAT and THIEVE from their very own bank Clients. They will even target those who are ‘easy prey’, easy to CHEAT’ i. e. their so-called ‘simple’, so-called ‘poor’, so-called ‘black’ ‘coloured’ and Indian Clients. These are the Clients that should get help from their bank. But NO - these are the bank’s “Just sign here.” Clients. Easy to LIE to; easy to CHEAT, easy to STEAL from. What a disgrace these Directors and their agents and these Shareholders are.  




One can never overlook the race/colour ‘factor’. It is my personal belief that the ‘Afrikaner Nationalist’ element – the racial hate; the fear intentionally generated by the ‘swart-gevaar’ propaganda tactic of the ‘old regime’ - is a definite part of this wicked scheme of discriminating against selected Clients of colour.


After all - who were the people ‘behind’ Saambou ? ‘Afrikaner Nationalists’, that’s who they were. Who is ‘behind’ FRL/FRbL/FNB ? The Rupert family and their ‘Afrikaner Nationalist’ ‘henchmen’ – people like Ferreira, Dippenaar, Harris (PK – he is no relation of mine) that’s who they are.




Some of the worst LIES that I have come across, coming from this Public Company FirstRand Limited and this Public bank FirstRand bank Limited/FNB, and from the agents that they use, are the LIES told to Magistrates in Magistrate Courts and to Judges of the High Court. These LIES are told under oath. The Magistrates and the Judges grant Judgments and make Rulings and write out Orders based on the LIES told to them, under oath. I have had personal experience of this and can back it up if called upon to do so.


As I understand the Judgment by a Judge recently, in Mr Emerald van Zyl’s Case, the Judgment, and/or the remark in the Judgment, was based on LIES told under oath i. e Perjury.




The Directors of this Public Company FirstRand Limited and this Public bank FirstRand bank Limited/FNB are major Shareholders. So, regarding the Fraud being committed - by the Directors/Managers/lawyers/Auditors - the Shareholders are just as guilty. The Shareholders know of the Fraud. They don’t care at all - just so long as their dividends are paid and the value of their shares increases, even through Fraud.




At the end of the day the facts - i. e. the Arithmetic and the Law - should prevail in the Equality Court on the 4th February 2014, please GOD.


Emerald, you remain in my Prayers.


Lord Bless,    Michael Harris.








Dear Emerald,


Lena and myself wants to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year.


We  want to thank you in the manner you assisted us in getting back  our home which we so sadly lost in sale execution in 2004. Your good sense of humor, the kindness and honesty in which you assisted us was our saviour.


 The day we move back home the community of Montagu want you to be present, so that we can all thank you and pray for you.


Kind regards



Gert and Lena